August 30th & 31st at Canada's Wonderland

Chris Pastras


A native of New Jersey who currently resides in Los Angeles, juggles his time as an artist, host, pro skateboarder, and owner/founder of Stereo Skateboards. Chris’ current sponsor list includes Stereo, WeSC, Armourdillo, Ace Trucks, and Bones Bearings.

According to him, “…it’s pretty sweet that my jobs are to ride a skateboard, be a goofball, and talk into a microphone. life is good, in fact great.”


Ryan Clements


In 1985, this one kid in my neighborhood used to push around on a pink Powell-Peralta rockin’ a trench-coat and Chuck Taylor Converse shoes. From the second I saw him I was mesmerized – I had to be a skateboarder like him. After several years I realized that there was no way in hell I was turning pro and started focusing on work.

During my late-teens and early-20′s I was distracted by school and “real” jobs, which didn’t allow me enough skateboarding participation. But the story does have a happy ending because skateboarding saved me in 1998 when I joined forces with Skatepark of Tampa. Since that time SPoT has gained international notoriety, which set the stage for offspring SPoT Productions to be formed. What I thought would be a couple of years of putting together skateboards turned into more fun and opportunity than I could have ever imagined.

Bobby Reynolds

SPoT Productions Head Judge

Biography coming soon…

Mike Prangnell

Judge + SBC Business Editor

Mike Prangnell has been a part of the Canadian skateboard industry for over 25 years. From retail to sponsored skateboarder to sales, company owner, media and marketing. He currently works for No Limits Distribution as marketing manager for Osiris Shoes, Obey Clothing and C3. Mike also writes for various skateboard magazines. He prides himself on the fact that he is one of the few people that actually skates in the Canadian skateboard industry.

Mike has been a professional skateboard judge for over 10 years. He has worked with legendary events like Slam City Jam, X-Games,Vans Triple Crown, Am Getting Paid, Red Bull Manny Mania and Dew Tour.

When judging Mike looks for originality, style and consistency.

Ariel Stagni


Ariel started skateboarding in Toronto in the mid 1980’s. As a sponsored skateboarder, he toured North America experiencing various cities and communities, and participating in numerous contests and demos. Ariel studied urban planning in Toronto and has spent the last 10 years focused on the development of better skateboarding facilities through his work with New Line Skateparks. In that time he also began designing and delivering programming at skateparks. Ariel has served as a judge in numerous professional and amateur skateboarding events including US Dew Tour events with World Cup Skateboarding and the first West 49 Take The Cake event in Niagara Falls, in 2010. In 2011 Ariel completed a Master’s in Environmental Studies from York University where he studied misconceptions of skateboarding and the use of skateboarding as an instrument for community development. In 2012 Ariel began as Director of Programming and Community Development at CJ’s Skateboard Park and School, a Toronto based non-profit organization.